Here is Spryte Show , a graphic tool for Pico8 users and more specifically for graphic artists.

Sprite show is particularly useful for helping graphic designers to test the sprites they have just drawn without needing to code them.  You can  very easily make them move on a black background and on decors, and in the last menu see them in a platform game or in a neutral  landscape .if your creation does not work exactly as you want you could immediately return to the pico8 editor to improve it.
In this demo the sprites are already drawn , and you can test all the functionalities . first of all  start by selecting the sprites  in Spryte Bank (pressing the C key, first for the first sprite and C again for the las sprite). All the keys and their actions are visible on the screens of the 4 menus, arrow keys, C V and  S D F keys. I used Sprite-Show successfully in Ludum Dare45 for a game (Greta) produced in 10 hours with my coder (JM Quere) . (You can play Greta  on and on Lexaloffle.). Sprite_Show  saves a lot of time during a Jam, for the graphic designer as well as the coder who can estimate, in real time , the quality of the sprites and the coherency of the animation.

A tutorial is available on the You Tube channel:

or by typing Sprite_Show Yanik . You can write your comments and requests to or on Twitter @S_yanik.  Have fun.

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